Микросхема NCP1653, NCP1653A DIP-8

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Compact, Fixed−Frequency, Continuous Conduction Mode PFC Controller

The NCP1653 is a controller designed for Continuous Conduction

Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC) boost circuits. It

operates in the follower boost or constant output voltage in 67 or 100

kHz fixed switching frequency. Follower boost offers the benefits of

reduction of output voltage and hence reduction in the size and cost

of the inductor and power switch. Housed in a DIP−8 or SO−8

package, the circuit minimizes the number of external components

and drastically simplifies the CCM PFC implementation. It also

integrates high safety protection features. The NCP1653 is a driver

for robust and compact PFC stages.


IEC1000−3−2 Compliant

Continuous Conduction Mode

Average Current−Mode or Peak Current−Mode Operation

Constant Output Voltage or Follower Boost Operation

Very Few External Components

Fixed Switching Frequency: 67 kHz = NCP1653A,

Fixed Switching Frequency: 100 kHz = NCP1653

Soft−Start Capability

VCC Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis (8.7 / 13.25 V)

Overvoltage Protection (107% of Nominal Output Level)

Undervoltage Protection or Shutdown (8% of Nominal Output Level)

Programmable Overcurrent Protection

Programmable Overpower Limitation

Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis (120 / 150_C)

Pb−Free Packages are Available

Typical Applications

TV & Monitors

PC Desktop SMPS

AC Adapters SMPS

White Goods


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