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Микросхема TNY256P TNY256G DIP-8 / SMD-8 10 шт./лот - Объявления на сайт

Микросхема TNY256P TNY256G DIP-8 / SMD-8 10 шт./лот

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Купить Микросхема TNY256P TNY256G DIP-8 / SMD-8 10 шт./лот

TinySwitch Plus

Energy Efficient, Low Power Off-line Switcher

TinySwitch Plus Features

• Extended power range

• Fully integrated auto-restart reduces short circuit current

• Line under-voltage sense eliminates turn-off glitches

• Frequency jittering dramatically reduces EMI (5 to 10 dB)

• TO-220 package option

Lowest Cost, Low Power Switcher Solution

• Lower cost than RCC, discrete PWM and other integrated/

hybrid solutions

• Cost effective replacement for bulky linear adapters

• Lowest component count

• Simple ON/OFF control – no loop compensation components

• No bias winding – simpler, lower cost transformer

• Designed to work with low cost external components

Extremely Energy Efficient

• Consumes only 30/60 mW at 115/230 VAC with no load

• Meets Blue Angel, Energy Star, Energy 2000 and

200mW European cell phone requirements for standby

• Saves $1 to $4 per year in energy costs (at $0.12/kWHr)

compared to bulky linear adapters

• Ideal for cellular phone chargers and adapters

High Performance at Low Cost

• High voltage powered – ideal for charger applications

• High bandwidth provides fast turn on with no overshoot

• Current limit operation rejects line frequency ripple

• Built-in current limit and thermal protection


The TNY256 extends the power range of the TinySwitch family

of energy efficient, low power off-line switchers. TinySwitch

devices use a breakthrough design to provide the lowest cost,

high efficiency, off-line switching solution for low power

applications. They integrate a 700 V power MOSFET, oscillator,

high voltage switched current source, current limit and thermal

shutdown circuitry into a single, monolithic device. The devices

start-up and operate on power derived from the DRAIN voltage,

eliminating the need for a transformer bias winding and associated

circuitry. TinySwitch's low operating current allows power

supply no-load consumption to be kept under 100 mW, even at

265 VAC input.






8-15 W 5-10 W


The TinySwitch Plus incorporates auto-restart, line under-voltage

sense, and frequency jittering features. The auto-restart circuit

safely limits output power during fault conditions such as output

short or open loop. The auto-restart circuit is fully integrated and

does not require external timing components. The line undervoltage

sense threshold can be externally programmed using a line

sense resistor. During start-up, this feature keeps the TNY256 off

until the input line voltage reaches the under-voltage threshold.

When the input line voltage is removed, the line under-voltage

circuit prevents auto-restart attempts after the output goes out of

regulation. This eliminates power down glitches caused by the

slow discharge of input storage capacitors present in applications

such as standby supplies. A single resistor is used to implement

this feature, eliminating what normally takes five to six components.

The line sense resistor is optional. The TNY256 operating frequency

of 130 kHz is jittered (frequency modulated) to reduce both quasipeak

and average EMI, minimizing filtering costs.


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