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Микросхема H26M31003GMR EMMC BGA - Объявления на сайт

Микросхема H26M31003GMR EMMC BGA

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Packaged NAND flash memory with MultiMediaCard interface

High capacity memory access

eMMC/MultiMediaCard system specification, compliant with V4.41

Full backward compatibility with previous MultiMediaCard system specification

Bus mode

-High-speed MultiMediaCard protocol.

-Three different data bus widths: 1 bit, 4 bits,8 bits.

-Data transfer rate: up to 104Mbyte/s

-DDR mode supported

Operating voltage range: - VCCQ = 3.3V/1.8V - VCC = 3.3 V

Error free memory access

-Internal error correction code

-Internal enhanced data management algorithm (wear levelling, bad block management, garbage collection)

-Possibility for the host to make sudden power failure safe-update operations for data content


- Password protection of data

- Security Erase - Security Trim

- Secure bad block management

-Built-in write protection


-Simple boot sequence method

Power saving

-Enhanced power saving method by introducing sleep functionality

Partition management with enhanced storage.

Hardware reset supported


The Hynix e-NAND is an embedded flash memory storage solution with MultiMediaCardTM interface (eMMCTM). The eMMCTM was developed for universal low cost data storage and communication media. The Hynix e-NAND is fully compatible with MMC bus and hosts. The Hynix e-NAND communications are made through an advanced 11-pin bus. The bus can be either 1-bit, 4-bit, or 8-bit in width. The device operates in high-speed mode at clock frequencies equal to or higher than 20MHz, which is the MMC standard. The communication protocol is defined as a part of this MMC standard and referred to as MultiMediaCard mode. The device is designed to cover a wide area of applications such as smart phones, cameras, organizers, PDA, digital recorders, MP3 players, pagers, electronic toys, etc. They feature high performance, low power consumption, low cost and high density. To meet the requirements of embedded high density storage media and mobile applications, the Hynix e-NAND supports both 3.3V supply voltage (VCC), and 3.3V/1.8V input/output voltage (VCCQ). The address argument for the Hynix e-NAND is the sector address (512-byte sectors) instead of the byte address. This means that Hynix e-NAND is not backward compatible with devices of density lower than 2 Gbytes. If there is no indication by the host to the memory that the host is capable of handling sector type of addressing, the Hynix e-NAND will change its state to inac-tive. The device has a built-in intelligent controller which manages interface protocols, data storage and retrieval, wear leveling, bad block management, garbage collection, and internal ECC. The Hynix e-NAND makes available to the host sudden power failure safe-update operations for the data content, by support-ing reliable write features. The device supports boot operation with enhance area and sleep/awake commands. In particular, during the sleep state the host power regulator for VCC can be switched off, thus minimizing the power consump-tion of the Hynix e-NAND.


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